Article 1


1. The purpose of this regulation is to establish the access, rights and obligations for potential entrepreneurs to participate in the Startup Porto Accelerator, within the project IN&OUT– Porto International Accelerator, organized by the consortium formed by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs and INESC TEC – Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas de Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência, and co-funded under the scope of Norte -51-2015-04.

Article 2

Objectives of the Programme

1. The Startup Porto Accelerator fosters quality based and technologically advanced startups;

2. It is a Technological Entrepreneurship Programme that aims to provide encouragement and support for technologically based entrepreneurship, in particular by setting up new technologically based companies in the North of Portugal with potential for internationalisation in all areas;

3. The Startup Porto Accelerator also aims to promote and support entrepreneurship among the academic community, creating and/or reinforcing conditions for the promotion of a culture focused on innovation in general and technological innovation in particular, making young people aware of the benefits of self-employment;

4. To promote networking both nationally and internationally with various stakeholders (entrepreneurs; researchers, technologists, academics, incubators, lead users, etc.) while encouraging and boosting systematic and multidisciplinary cooperation opportunities;

5. To identify, test and implement tools that allow startups to acquire maturity and sustainability through the implementation of internal innovation processes.

Article 3

Targets and Conditions of Participation

1. Applicants should be teams, aged 18 years and older, who want to start up a company in the North of Portugal. Individual applications shall not be accepted;

2. The admission of candidates to the Programme shall be through a Call for Candidates. However, throughout the programme, there will be specific periods for assessing and selecting the applicants to move on to the subsequent phases. Applications shall be submitted on F6s Startup Porto Accelerator Profile. Electronic submission of applications requires mandatory response to the questions;

3. Submission of applications to the programme must also be accompanied by a declaration, available at, where each member of the team agrees to the following principles:

a. All elements have read and accepted without reserves the rules provided in this Regulation.

b. i) The ideas and concepts presented in the application are original and came from the candidates;
ii) the business ideas dependent on the licensing of technology generated in public and private higher education schools may not have been commercialised before and must comply with the regulation that may be applicable under Intellectual Property Rights. The Team of Promoters is fully responsible for ensuring no third parties own any intellectual property or other rights on the business idea which may prevent its implementation, otherwise, the Team will be excluded from the Programme.

c. The Team agrees that the Programme Management Team will follow up and monitor the business project throughout the various phases of the Programme.

d. The Team will set up the company in a municipality of the geographic areas covered by the Programme until 23/11/2017.

5. Applications are only considered complete when the documents requested are attached;

6. Contacts:

ANJE- National Association of Young Entrepreneurs
Casa do Farol, Rua Paulo da Gama 4169-006 Porto
t. +351 220 108 000
f. +351 220 108 010

Rua Roberto Frias, Campus da FEUP
t. +351 222094399

Article 4

Thematic Areas of Intervention

1. The projects submitted should be technology-based and lead to the emergence and/or consolidation of startups of advanced technology projects operating in areas with high and broad potential for development and incorporation of technology, and that are at the same time highly strategic from an economic and social viewpoint for Portugal.

Article 5

Programme phases (process of creating companies) and duration

1. The Startup Porto Accelerator will have a maximum duration of 3 months: 2nd edition, from 11 September to 30 November 2017);

2. The programme covers the sequential phases that typically match the normal process of evolution from a business idea to a startup:

Phase 1: Call For Entrepreneurs

  • Launching the Call via online form on;
  • Announcing the results;
  • Workshop lean to select the projects.

Phase 2: Accelerator

The acceleration programme at ANJE in Rua Paulo Gama, 4169-006 Porto, Portugal. (15 teams/startups). Acceleration stages:

i. Tune: define the business model, product and market fit, using “Lean STARTUP Methodologies”. Final presentation on “Reflection Day”;

ii. Build: build/improve/change the product based on market and business model confirmations. Final presentation on “Prototype Day”;

iii. On Stage: prepare growth and market penetration strategies. Preparation of the pitch. Final presentation on “Demo Day at the Porto Technological Entrepreneurship Conference” with the presence of a panel of investors.

Phase 3: ScaleUp

a. The programme will include the continued incubation of startups (or virtual) until the end of March 2018 for 10 startups/programme in ANJE and INESC TEC;

b. One member of each team, a total of 10 members from 10 startups, will have access to an incubation programme for one week in Tech Startup Ecosystem to learn about the ecosystem of Silicon Valley. They will go more in depth with the previously discussed themes, which will extend over about four months;

c. There will be a free hour bag of 12 hours’ coaching with allocation of a mentor network. Tutors (technology and market) meet with the team for a week in classroom or distance learning sessions, to provide support in the definition of the strategy and in the preparation of presentations to investors / partners, to support the connection to the local ecosystem (access to know-how and/or assistance services that may be identified as necessary for carrying out market testing during this phase) and support the incubation.

d. Schedules:

Phase 1: Call For Entrepreneurs

  • Call open period: 23/05/2017 to 7/07/2017;
  • Announcing the results (25 projects): 31/07/2017;
  • Workshop (16 hours) introducing the Lean Startup methodology to the 25 selected applicants: 11 to 12 September 2017. (Venue: Porto-Portugal);
  • Selection and announcement of the 15 teams/projects moving on to phase 2: 13/09/2017.

Phase 2: Accelerator

  • Startup acceleration period (intensive): 13 September to 30 November 2017;
  • Demo Day at the Porto Technological Entrepreneurship Conference at 22/11/2017.

Phase 3: ScaleUp

  • Incubation at ANJE and INESC TEC from December to May 2018;
  • Tech Startup Ecosystem mission (1 week)– 24-30/11/2017

Article 6 

Tolerance rules regarding the compliance with the phase deadlines

1. Project compliance with deadlines for each phase, whenever the circumstances so require, will be analysed on a case-by-case basis taking into account the cost of extending the stay of the project in a particular phase.

Article 7

Selection Criteria

1. The projects eligibility for the Startup Porto Accelerator must meet, generally and cumulatively, based on the following requirements:

a) They should entail the development of technology-based products and services tailored to the real needs of the market in all the thematic areas of intervention identified;
b) They should incorporate a clearly defined technological innovation or use existing technology likely to have a different application;
c) They should reveal high potential for commercial operation and internationalisation;
d) It must be possible to develop them within the budget provided by the Programme and with the resources supplied by the Teams of Promoters (participants) and the Programme;
e) They should create the company in the Northern Region of Portugal, by 23-11-2017;
f) High degree of motivation and capability for the leader and the team to set up and develop the company;
g) Quality of the skills of the members of the team of promoters, as well as the adequacy of their experience to the project and their involvement;
h) Status of any registration of patents or intellectual property rights essential for the business;
i) They should have a positive impact in Portugal.
j) Looking for full-time founding team;
l) Team focus;

Article 8

Promoter Monitoring and Assessment Phases

1. The applicants accepted into the Programme will be monitored and assessed at various stages, in addition to those corresponding to the move from the phase of the process of creating a company to the next phase:

a) Phase 1 – Call for entrepreneurs:

i. Analysis of the registration forms by the team coordinating the Programme, and review of the CVs of the Promoters and the mandatory answers given on the Platform by the Evaluation Panel. At this stage, the Panel will review the CVs of the Promoters based on an identification code allocated to each Promoter, thus guaranteeing maximum impartiality through anonymity;

ii. Selection to be made by the Evaluation Panel with an interview and subsequent announcement of the 25 Teams moving on to Lean Startup Workshop;

iii. Assessment of the 25 teams during the 16-hour Lean Startup Workshop. Selection of the 15 Teams;

iv. Announcement up to 5 of the 10 Teams that will win the prize money €5,000 in the Programme + 6 month incubation + a package of benefits which make up about €17,000 (partners include AMAZON WEB SERVICES, MICROSOFT BIZSPARK, among others). The management team will decide on the merit and market maturity of each project and decide the award of the prize, before the Lean Startup Workshop.

b) Phase 2 – Accelerator:

i. The 15 teams selected will benefit from 12 weeks of international acceleration programme, based on connections to international mentors, using Lean Startup methodology by Eric Ries. The network of mentors will be extended to London, Barcelona, New York and San Francisco, in a variety of areas of expertise;

ii. Venue: ANJE, casa do Farol, Rua Paulo Gama, Porto;

iii. Language: English;

iv. During Phase 2, each team must guarantee that at least one member per team will be present during at least 75% of the scheduled activities. It is also mandatory to strictly comply with daily time schedules as mentioned in the activities program;

v. In the 10 week of Phase 2, the management team will decide on the merit and market maturity of the other projects and decide the award of the prize. Up to 5 projects will be awarded for participation in Phase 2, each worth €5,000 (the 5.000 euros shall take part of the share capital), to the projects with the best performance during the program and that make headway in the creation of the company + incubation + a package of benefits which make up about €17,000 (partners include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Bizspark, among others).

c) Phase 3: ScaleUp

Incubation, mentoring and participation in Tech Startup Ecosystem mission (one week).

Article 9

Timeline for Implementing the Programme

1. The Programme will have a maximum duration of 12 weeks. It is expected to begin on 4 September and end on 30 November 2017. The acceleration phase requires the team to be in Porto during this time.

Article 10

Rights of the Participants accepted on the Programme

1. While within the Programme, the applicants accepted on the Programme will benefit from privileged access, in good time, to material and human resources, as well as coaching, technological, assistance, counselling and information services for each phase of the company monitoring process;

2. Applicants will have free access to the set of activities provided for on the Programme;

3. The creation of a management team highly responsible and committed to implementing and operating the Programme and to monitoring the candidates must be ensured;

4. The utmost rigour and transparency during the entire process of project analysis and assessment must be guaranteed to the applicants.

Article 11


1. Any issues not provided for in this Regulation will be put before the Management Team set up to implement and manage the Programme.

Article 12

Confidential Agreements & Copyrights

1. The Programme Management Team guarantees the confidentiality of the projects during the entire evaluation process and the information will only be used for the purposes specified in this Regulation;

2. The Management Team may amend this regulation when justified by important grounds;

3. All elements of the programme must sign a confidential agreement, according to the document providing by the programme;

4. All materials distributed by the programme, if development by the consortium team or on their behalf have Startup Porto Accelerator copyrights.

Article 13

Acceptance of the Regulation

Participation in Startup Porto Accelerator, launched by IN&OUT project, implies full acceptance of the provisions of this regulation by the participants, and waiver of claims, legal actions or others, concerning the way any phase or procedure in the Programme is run and any decision made by the organising team.

Article 14

Interpretation and Integration

Interpretation and integration of this Regulation, particularly the cases not provided for, shall be guided by the general principles of the law, in accordance with the applicable legislation, in particular the Code for Industrial Property and the Code of Copyright and Related Rights.

Article 15

Applicable law

Any litigation arising from the Porto Startup Accelerator, launched by IN&OUT programme, its content, methodologies or any other related issues, will be settled by the competent court of law of Porto.