Andreia Passos




“It’s always a fuzzy feeling looking at a company you have supported and realising that they are making their way to success.Fuzzy, because this was not your project, but you have developed a kind of empathetic relationship towards it, and so somehow you can’t avoid becoming emotionally attached to it even though you are no longer in it. And their success and failures over time will go on secretly having an impact on you. This is the fuzzy feeling that thrills me, that is at the root of my commitment.

Andreia Passos has been working as a consultant in INESC TEC’s Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) ever since its creation in 2007. She has been actively involved in CITE’s most relevant projects and programmes, such as Tec-Empreende, an accelerator programme resulting from a partnership with ANJE which led to the creation of six startups in less than one year and the Centre of Excellence for the Creative Industries, a program with mentorship, training and research activities especially designed for both researchers and entrepreneurs from the University of Porto’s emerging Creative Industries Cluster. Andreia is a staff member of Enterprise Europe Network @ INESC TEC since 2015, assisting companies to go international and improve their innovation management capacities. She is also Key Account Manager of several innovative Portuguese companies benefiting from H2020 SME Instrument funding. She is the Portuguese representative of the Network’s Sector Group Automotive, Transport and Logistics.


  • International partnerships;
  • European funding (RDI).