Meet our startups


2nd batch

The second edition of Startup Porto Accelerator is finished. After refine concepts, test models and get some inputs it´s time to know more about the 10 projects that are accelerating in the programme organised by ANJE – Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs and INESC TEC. Subcultours, Couch MW, GO-ER, EmotAI, iClimate Advisor, Lumer, BeGoodToo, B.Create, Predict Churn and The One Pixel Games moved forward to the final period of acceleration and the Demo Day.


Subcultours is a booking platform for creative experiences with artists and creative entrepreneurs. Customers can scan artist profiles to select their preferred date and suggested price. From workshops to concerts, artists will design the perfect experience for you. Subcultours takes a 20% commission on each booking and charges a monthly/yearly membership fee from hotels and hostel partners who use the platform to find relevant artists for their own projects (exemple: in-house events, construction, designing).

Founders: Magnus Altgard | Katja Jramer | Julia Pfitzner


GO-ER is a social recommendation travel platform that makes it easy to find the right travellers to ask for specific advice about your next trip and where you can fund it by sharing your tips, past travel experiences and inspire other travellers.

Founder: Jorge Félix


EmotAI is an invaluable part of gamers training to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. We help people more effectively manage their emotions, monitor their critical thinking skills and retrieve their focus. EmotAI brings balance to our lives.

Founder: Carlos Filipe Simões Moreira

iClimate Advisor

iClimate Advisor provides a new reliable, accurate and advance weather forecast for short, medium and long range forecast based on knowledge, skills and a new algorithm to help to take the smartest and wise decisions for your business.

Founders: Vítor Teixeira e Mário Marques


Lumer is the world’s first smartphone lighter. It’s a smart lighter that recharges on the phone and has an app that tracks the user’s smoking habit. It syncs via Bluetooth, providing notifications to users so they don’t lose their lighter again. Contrary to all gas lighters, Lumer is completely electrical which makes it both windproof and allowed on airports. Lumer is the way to raise smokers awareness of their habit and aims to end with disposable lighters.

Founders: Miguel Carvalho | Mário Ferraz | Tiago Pereira


BeGoodToo is a private social network for anyone interested in a direct and personal relationship with Buddhist Masters and their teachings. Through ebooks, videos, photos and podcasts, Buddhist Masters will communicate wisdom, and also funding noble causes worldwide.

Founders: Sandra Lima | Susana Pinto


B.Create is a new product development platform for wine companies helping to reduce product development time and costs by integrating activities that bring teams and stakeholders together.

Founders: António Arantes | Paula Garcês | Ana Ferreira | Bruno Silva | Aníbal Alves

Predict Churn

Predict Churn is a comprehensive analytics platform to anticipate potential cancellation of a subscription service. We collect and unify data from a wide variety of sources to both learn and understand customer behaviour. We help SaaS businesses to never lose a customer again.

Founder: Marcelo Vilela

The One Pixel Games

The One Pixel Games is a collaborative agency that brings together mobile game developers to deliver top quality games in a more efficient and satisfying environment for all. This project – that will work as a spinoff of The One Pixel – will create a big network to minimize the painful process most mobile game developers feel throughout the journey of creating and publishing a game.

Founders: André Santos | Tânia Carvalho


Couch MW is the first Mental Health Screening Chatbot in Europe that predicts if a user needs psychological support, gives advice and can book a video consultation in our telemedicine platform. Couch is a platform (WebApp) that aggregates and puts in contact psychologists and the people who need their help, so they can have video consultations online. It saves time and money, is comfortable and helps to minimize stigma. In addition to clinical psychology, Couch MW tackles organizational psychology that deals with career management and career improvement.

Founder: João Villas Boas

1st batch

Startup Porto Accelerator´s debut edition brought us 10 great solutions with value to add on different sectors of the market. After 7 weeks of acceleration, our entrepreneurs left their experience boards, turned off the informal meetings with experts and came up on stage, in order to present their businesses to a great crowd composed of experts, experienced entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and relevant players of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem. Let´s know what these makers have to surprise us and shake the market listening their pitches at the Demo Day of the 1st Startup Porto Accelerator.


Bnesis developed a technological solution that makes it possible to combine multiple global and regional services provided by others in a unified API. Through Bnesis, companies can access information from multiple services in different geographic locations, allowing developers to save time and money when integrating services provided by third parties.

Founder: Helen Cherepakhina



Tourists or backpackers can now find a place to rest, have a shower or work for a few hours. Flatcrasher makes it possible for anybody to make their house available and profit from spaces that do not need to be fully occupied. The profitability of the project’s value proposition is not based on the number of nights per guest, but rather on meeting one-off needs.

Founder: Mariana Gomes



XTrendi develops clothes or accessories using wearable technology that can be integrated into communication systems. By incorporating technology into its products, the startup aims to transfer information or personal data authorised by users, facilitate access to applications and make control of health conditions faster and more effective.

Founder: Hugo Miranda | Susana Meireles



Sellit has a monthly growth of over 10% and a community of over 100,000 users. The platform created by the startup makes it possible to buy and sell products through Facebook. Users can conclude their business within a shorter timeframe, reducing the risk of fraud as the transactions are concluded with the handover of the product.

Founder: Luís Rufo



GameStars mission is to liberalise the professionalisation of gaming worldwide. The project aims to completely transform the concept of gaming, allowing any player to win money in real time through online events available at any time of the day.

Founder: David Jorge Miranda da Glória



Got a health problem and you don’t know which treatment is the right option for you? Well, Promptly can help you with a solution that combines technology with real information produced by patients in the post-operative period.

Founders: Luís Magalhães



Framie is a mobile social application that redesigns the way people collect, providing thematic photo collections for people to complete with their own photos, based on predefined watermarks. Just like a sticker album. This approach gives users ready to use content that challenges them to move, explore and learn. At the same time, brands can create collections and promote their offering in a more dynamic, engaging and targeted way, enticing their clients to take action.

Founders: Mónica Leiras | Filipe Lima | Cristiano Silva | António Lisboa | Tiago Monteiro



Platform aimed at connecting companies and users, creating opportunities for organisations to gain insights on their products and the experiences of their clients at a reduced cost. The workflow is simple: companies share a project on the platform and indicate what they expect clients to do with it. Users state how much they want for testing the product and giving feedback about it and companies choose the people to do the tests, selecting the sample based on the price and rating of each candidate.

Founders: João Gameiro | Valter Santos | Tiago Coelho | Rui Grandão Rocha



Project focused on the development of integrated management solutions that allow clients to deal with their daily needs. Cosoftw analyses companies individually to adjust their management tools and make the most of the existing resources.

Founders: Mário Babo | Paulo Magalhães



The product test with 80% savings in the time and production involved is the main competitive advantage offered by Infinite Foundry. The startup’s software makes it possible to design and test any product in a virtual 3D environment, allowing performance and wear and tear of objects to be observed under different conditions.

Founder: André Luz