Since the Portuguese discoveries era, the beginning of Port wine commercialization and the industrialization of the North, Porto has aquired an entrepreneurial and industrial legacy. Renown as the “capital of labour”, the northern city has been changing the profile of its companies and the driven force for this change is the bet in knowledge and technologic economy.

The entrepreneur ecosystem grows every day and startups are jumping faster and faster into the market. During the period between 2007 and 2014, Porto received 36% of the startups created in Portugal. Yes, it as a huge quantity of new businesses. So after check this number, you may ask: why are entrepreneurs choosing Porto to develop their businesses?

We could give you many motifs, but all of them resume to the ecosystem network strength. The entrepreneur ecosystem of Porto contains players and infrastructures to support all kind of businesses, combining business associations (like ANJE) with I&D and Innovation centers or hubs (like INESC TEC), the greatest producer of scientific knowledge in the country – University of Porto, Fablabs, incubators and acceleration experiences.