City Highlights


A reason to get up in the morning

Admiring the sunrise is, by itself, a good reason to get up early in Porto. Indeed, the city has extraordinary spots to watch it: Miradouro da Vitória, Ponte D. Luís, Jardim das Virtudes, among others. For those looking for activity early in the morning, Porto is surrounded by notable surf beaches. This Atlantic city has also excellent infrastructures for practicing physical activities by the sea, such as jogging, cycling or simply walking.

Take a break with the best dishes

Crossing the river (it just takes 5 minutes) and having fresh fish in a pleasant outdoor restaurant overlooking at Ribeira do Porto, or walking downtown to lose your head with the famous Porto’s sandwich, called Francesinha, just to mention a few possible temptations at lunch time. The City Park is also a fantastic option for a revitalizing picnic during the afternoon.

Relax after a long day

The sunset is a must-see in Porto and are so many ways to seize the moment to relax or even to do more informal contacts with potential partners. Drinking a beer in one of the traditional cafés of Miradouro das Virtudes or a tonic port in one of the several wine houses in the city centre is an excellent suggestion for a late afternoon in Porto.

Chill-out with cultural awareness

Casa da Música could be the best valid cultural option to start the night, although the artistic offer leans towards diversity (festivals, street concerts and various programmes of other cultural facilities such as Coliseu Porto or Mercado Ferreira Borges).

(Not)working by night

For dinner, it will be difficult to choose among the many suggestions that a specialised app will return at your research. If you take the tip, the traditional Portuguese cuisine will certainly be a good filter to obtain worthy results with a good price. Then, Galeria de Paris Street and all the surrounding cafés and bars are certainly a mandatory stop for a fun-filled night out, but indeed for informal networking.